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All elements (texts, graphics, etc.) as well as the design including the ancillary code and other parts of the Biomimiq website, and in particular the photographic material on this website are protected by copyright. The use of the Biomimiq logo is subject to the prior written permission of Biomimiq. The use of any parts of the design and/or content of this website, in whatever manner, is subject to the prior written permission of Biomimiq.


Use of information and data

Users may take any information and data from the Biomimiq website for their own private use, quoting the source, by copying, printing or storing the information and/or data. Any other use of the Biomimiq website, such as commercial use, reproduction of multimedia and software on the Biomimiq website or use of any part of the Biomimiq website is subject to prior written permission.



Although the greatest due care is exercised in preparing all pages of the Biomimiq website, no rights may be derived from them. Biomimiq accepts no liability for anything ensuing from the content of the pages of the Biomimiq website. Biomimiq explicitly disclaims any liability for damage ensuing from the use of this website.


Links to third parties

Links to third parties fall outside the scope of influence of Biomimiq which may at no time be held liable for the content of third party pages. Biomimiq is not liable for the content, privacy protection or services provided through third party websites.


Links to the Biomimiq website

Links to pages of the Biomimiq website are permitted provided they are lawful, are not detrimental to the good name of Biomimiq and do not suggest any approval and/or support of Biomimiq where this is not the case. Links to the Biomimiq website should preferably refer to an independent page in a new browser window (target=“_blank”).


Questions and permission requests should be directed to info@biomimiq.com.



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