During the past 25 years of skin tissue engineering, the research group at the basis of Biomimiq has built up many valuable relations and partnerships, together outlining the extensive field of application of Biomimiq’s in vitro human skin equivalents (HSEs). Our partners include:

Business partners


As an exclusive licensee of the in vitro human skin equivalent (HSE) technology of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC, see below) Aeon Astron Europe B.V. is the umbrella under which Biomimiq operates.
Biomimiq is a start-up business originating from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in Leiden, the Netherlands. As such, Biomimiq is intimately intertwined with the skin tissue engineering research performed at the Department of Dermatology of the LUMC.


Technology partners

The Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR) is a joint venture between the Universiteit Leiden and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, specialized in innovative drug research. Biomimiq has a long-standing collaboration with the Drug Delivery Technology department of the LACDR, thereby focusing on all aspects of the (in vitro) human skin barrier, including transdermal drug delivery.

Entrepreneurial partners

During the start-up phase of Biomimiq, the team participated in the Venture Challenge (2010) and obtained a Pre-Seed Grant (2011). Both initiatives are organized by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative, which is funded by the Dutch Government.

The entrepreneurial ambitions of Biomimiq’s academic team are supported by the BioPartner Center Leiden, which is a foundation offering starting entrepreneurs in the biotechnology industry a facilitated workplace.


Societal partners

Along its endeavors to develop in vitro human skin equivalents (HSEs) as alternatives to animal research, Biomimiq’s team is endorsed by and has an open dialogue with the Dutch Foundation for Replacement of Animal Testing (Proefdiervrij). This foundation aims at abolishing all experiments on animals in the Netherlands.


The Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (Dierenbescherming) aims at abolishing all experiments on animals in the Netherlands by stimulating alternatives to animal experimentation. In 2008, Biomimiq’s researchers received the public Alternatives to Animal Use Award from this foundation.

Research funding partners

NL Agency focuses on sustainability, innovation, international business and cooperation and can be contacted by businesses, knowledge institutions and government bodies for information, advice, financing, networking and regulatory matters.

The science at the foundation of Biomimiq’s in vitro skin cancer models was partly funded by the Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development (ZonMw). This fund stimulates the use of scientific knowledge to improve health(care) in the Netherlands.


Technology Foundation STW realises the transfer of knowledge between the technical sciences and users. It does this by funding excellent technical scientific research and by bringing researchers and users together in each project.
Top Institute Pharma (TI Pharma) is a public-private partnership in which academic and business worlds work together on groundbreaking, multidisciplinary research aimed at improving the development of socially valuable medicines. Biomimiq engages in a partnership focused on testing new antimicrobial peptides on in vitro human skin equivalents (HSEs).