Compound Screening

Biomimiq’s uniform in vitro human skin equivalents (HSEs) can be used for low-throughput compound screening. Our screening capacity currently allows full evaluation of a maximum of several tens of compounds on several hundreds of HSEs. Compounds may range from cosmetic anti-ageing or pigmentation modulating compounds to pharmaceutical skin cancer-targeted drugs, anti-infective compounds, wound healing promoters and active food ingredients.


Compound screening can be performed on Biomimiq’s full range of skin models, including LEM, FDM, FTM and all customizable healthy or diseased variants thereof.


Flexibility in treatment

For screening purposes, compounds can be applied both topically or dermally to the HSEs. Treatment timing may vary from chronic, short or interval treatment. Virtually all formulations can be applied to our HSEs. Also, non-compound treatments can be applied, including irradiation (UV, gamma) and mechanical or thermal stress and injury.



Our most common readouts include, but are not limited to:

  • Macroscopic observation
  • Epidermal and dermal morphology
  • Early epidermal differentiation: keratin 1, keratin 10
  • Late differentiation: involucrin, loricrin
  • Epidermal proliferation, viability and apoptosis: Ki67, CD3, MTT assay
  • Basement membrane analysis: collagen type I, III, IV, VII, laminin 332
  • Epidermal activation and stress: keratins 6, 16, 17, HBD2, HBD3
  • DNA damage and oxidative stress: p53, MTH1, GSTP1, ERCC5
  • Protein, cytokine and nucleic acid analysis: qPCR, IHC, WB, ELISA
  • Skin diffusion


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